About my humble self

Hi there, I am Philipp...

...webdeveloper and  OpenSource enthusiast, living in beautiful Berlin, working at sgalinski Internet Services.

I am passionate about the web and have been hacking on websites since 1999. I work as a frontend developer and love pushing Code to GitHub, as well as sharing my thoughts on my blog and twitter.

When I am not sitting in front of a computer screen (well, most of the time it's more than one screen), you will most likely find me making noise with my punkrockband 19minutes.

How I work

I really love the idea of OpenSource and sharing Code. So, after using Windows for several years, I switched to Linux as my main Operating System in early 2010 and never looked back. All my machines run the wonderful, ubuntu based elementaryOS. I use Sublime Text 3 as my main text editor, side by side with my Terminal, where git, gulp and other tools run all the time.

Here is a short list of stuff I use for development:

  • Sublime Text 3, the most powerful Texteditor I've ever seen
  • git, for version control
  • gulp, for build processes
  • SASS, to get structure into my chaotic CSS (I still feel like a css noob)
  • browserify, to write modular javascript
  • bower, for frontend dependency management
  • Yeoman, for bootstrapping projects
  • ProcessWire, my CMS of choice for every project that needs to be editable online
  • a Jägermeister mug that I constantly refill with coffee :-)